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The following further training is given for different institutions:

  • Self-awareness
    • Langen Institute, Monheim
    • Berlin Institute of Training, Grunwald & Partner
    • Institute Rheinland, officially recognized educational establishment school for speech therapy, Cologne
  • Body-language expression, appreciation and understanding, based on the movement analysis of Judith Kestenberg
  • Methods of relaxation
  • Cooperation with “difficult” parents
  • Movement and relaxation in the Kindergarten
  • Multi-modal Transference: Different Medias – an inexhaustible spring of creation
  • Displaying behavioural problems with children
  • Die psychomotorische Entwicklung des Kindes
  • The psychomotor functions of child development 0 to 3 year old children and their central needs
  • The sensory development of children
  • Association with traumatic children and young people
  • Control your casework
    • Youth Welfare Office of the City of Cologne
    • Diocesan Caritas Association, Archbishopric of Cologne
    • Landschaftsverband Westphalia: Lippe, Land Office and Westph. Schools, Munster
  • 42. Workconference of DKPM in Jena, 3/95, Lecture with a film clip on the topic of Dance movement therapy in the experience of the patients with anorexia nervosa and bulimia. A comparative study of patients with and without dance movement therapy
  • Radio feature, 11.08.2006, WDR 5 on the topic “Family Herrmann lose their daughter. Or: You are a victim for life.” Michael Hoverath
  • Dance Movement Therapy Congress 24./ 25.10.2009 workshop with the topic: Symbolic expression of the symptom. An integration of dance- movement therapy, behaviour therapy and deep psychology